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At Dixcot Locations we’re always looking for new and interesting filming locations in London, and your property could be the perfect backdrop for film, TV or commercial shooting. If your home is well-appointed, unusual or brimming with character, we’d love to hear from you - and see loads of pictures too!

Unless there’s a specific need to shoot in a particular area of the country, most TV and film photography use London film locations, but we’re also looking for properties in the following areas - Lancashire, Yorkshire and Manchester - and of course, we need high-quality homes in Central London too. The logistics that go into any shoot can be huge, with anywhere from a dozen to fifty crew required onsite, so picking properties close to major transport hubs often makes the most sense for convenience and cost. As a result, filming locations in London are highly sought after, especially if they offer something out of the ordinary or remain true to their original period.


If you believe your house is special and would be a good filming location we’d love to hear from you, and you stand a much greater chance of being selected for shooting if you’re registered with Dixcot Locations. We provide filming locations in London and around the UK to companies looking for interesting and attractive properties - and you could find your home makes you a considerable amount of money! Email us some photos and information about your location to info@dixcotlocations.com


If you’d like to put forward your property as a film location, we have some basic guidelines to follow to increase your chances of selection. Mainly - we need lots and lots of good photographs of your home - inside and out. It’s important to not try and capture an artistic winter scene or show us photos of your living room decorated for Christmas - we need to see your home and its features as a backdrop - ready to become the room  the production needs for their shoot. For more advice and information get in touch and we’ll be able to discuss the potential for your home as a filming location.


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