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A picture tells a thousand words... 

In order to represent you, we will need at least ten good quality photographs of your location to put up on our website and show to our clients.

Our clients usually have a good idea of the location they're after, e.g. a contemporary apartment in central London with a spiral staircase or a period cottage in Gloucestershire with roses around the door, etc and they need to get a clear picture of each location in order to decide whether it is suitable for their needs.

They won't necessarily be able to visit your location prior to the shoot.

Therefore, you will need to provide us with good quality images of your entire location.

Ideally, you should go around with a digital camera and remember you are trying to show your property to the best advantage.

Consider doing the following:

Taking your photographs on a sunny day (even those taken indoors)

Tidying up

Opening all the curtains

Putting the lights on

Emptying bins

Putting loo seats down

Take photos of:

The inside and outside

Every room (available for use)

From lots of different angles

Helpful Hint:

Taking good indoor photographs can be hard, they are often blurry if there is not enough light...

if you don't have a tripod, try propping your camera up on something of the right height, rather than hand-holding it, and use the self-timer option to avoid jerking the camera when actually taking the photo.

Then pop them on a disk and send them to us. Label the disk clearly with your name, telephone number and the first line of your address.

You could also try emailing the images as attachments, although we recommend that you send only a few images at a time.

N.B. We display images on our site at 512 x 341 pixels i.e. just smaller than the size of an average printed photograph. Please don't send us images that are smaller than this as they become blurry when enlarged.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your photographs!


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Photographing your location
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